Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable cover

Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable

Edwin Spencer thinks he's a grade A loser, but when a vortex to another world appears he might be able to save the day ... can he do it?

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Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic cover

Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic

'Edwin is back! But this time King Janus doesn't know a thing about it ...

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Edwin Spencer spirit world cover

Edwin Spencer Spirit World

Edwin and Perpetua are swept into a vortex once more to help find a missing Hysterian Relic, only this time they're met with a distinctly grisly greeting party...

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"Jake James" Says:

that book is reeeaaalllly gggoooooooodddd!!!

"julieirwin" Says:

Hey Jake! It’s great to hear from you again. And I’m soooooo glad you think the book is reeeealllly gooooooooooood! Julie

"carrmone" Says:

sorry i did not write to you before now,i really can’t wait for the second book in the series! i really enjoyed the first book.
best wishes carrmone

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Carrmone … how youi doing?

You don’t have to wait for the second book as it’s just come out! And I’m really pleased that you enjoyed Mission Improbable … don’t tell anyone, but my agent and editor think that Shadow Magic is even better!

Julie x

"carrmone" Says:

oh goodness where do i start!
right firstly its great to hear that the second book is out, and i thought the first book was amazing and now your saying the next book is better. what shall i do, i wonder……

"julieirwin" Says:

HI Carrmone. I wonder if you’ve managed to get the book yet? If so, let me know what you think!

I do hope you enjoy it was much as the firest one! Julie x

"carrmone" Says:

sorry i still have not the second book.
but i won this litracy compation, and my mini saga is beind pupliction with moer mini sagas( cant wait!!!!) i wish you cuold come to our school again because that really gave that little push get writeing, i am wrtieng a book called The Last Day Of May.

"julieirwin" Says:

That’s Ok Carmonne – in your own time. That is GREAT that you’ve won a literacy competition. You should be so proud of yourself. Can I have a look at The Last Day of May when you’ve finished? Julie x

"Kallum Finch" Says:

Reading the second book… Again.

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Kallum. Long time no hear! I take it you like the Shadow Magic then?! How you doing … you must be at secondary school by now ….

"Kallum Finch" Says:

Yes, I am. 😛

"nullruperr2" Says:

I love your books

"julieirwin" Says:

Whooopeee! Brilliant! The next one, Edwin Spencer Spirit World, is out next month. Julie :-)

"Zeina" Says:

I really liked it when you came to our school today. I have one question, when you write a book do you write it on a computer and then get it published or do you write by hand and then get it published? I read part of one of your books and it made me really curious about what was going to happen next.

"Lottie" Says:

Love ur visit today i wish i could buy your book i didnt bring nymoney in :( but i am going to try to buy 1 😉

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi again Zeina. I’ve replied to your other message!

I write my books on a computer because I have terrible handwriting! Even I can’t read it sometimes! Hey I’m glad you want to know what happens next … if you get to read the books let me know what you think. :-)

"julieirwin" Says:

Hello Lottie! It’s really nice to hear from you.

You can order the book through school – they have some order forms from Just Imagine. If you do get to read it do let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend … keep in touch. :-)

"Tom" Says:


"julieirwin" Says:

Ooh thanks Tom! Have you finished yet? :-)

"Farhan" Says:

Your an amazing author and you books are the best. You are my 2nd best author

"julieirwin" Says:

Hey Farhan! Good to hear from you.

Your second best author in the world is pretty good. Thanks!

"Aaron John" Says:

Thank you for visiting St Bedes (my school) we all loved your visit

"julieirwin" Says:

And I enjoyed coming to St Bede’s! It was great. Thanks Aaron! :-)

"adeoluwa" Says:

Hello Julie Irwin thank you for coming to st bedes I cant wait to read your next book

"julieirwin" Says:

Hello Adeoluwa! I had a great time …. if you do let me know what you think! :-)

"Melody" Says:

Thankyou for coming to fairways school today, I’ve started reading the first book already and it’s fantastic, Thankyou for signing them, can’t wait to read more of your books in the future xxxxx melody x

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Melody, great to hear from you!

Yes I remember I signed all three books for you. It’s wonderful to hear you’re enjoying the first one from the very start. Let me know when you’ve finished! xxx

"Junhan" Says:

The book is really nice! I hope there will be a forth one!

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi there, Junhan. Great to hear from you :-)

I hope you got to read the books. If they get popular enough the publisher may want another so keep your fingers crossed. Julie :-)

"Joseph Mitchell" Says:

I’m hoping I’ll get the first book in the series and think it will be a really good read
thank you for visiting St.Mary’s Primary

Joseph Mitchell



"julieirwin" Says:

Hi there Joseph, great to hear from you so quickly!

I’ll be coming back to sign and sell more books … I just need to arrange it with Mrs Butler.

Well done on your writing today … it was tremendous!

Julie :-)

"jeremyj" Says:

This was an awesome book, almost as awesome as ice cream.

"julieirwin" Says:

That is some compliment, Jeremy. Thanks! :-)

"Errolbeerm" Says:

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"julieirwin" Says:

Hi, Justine. Good to hear from you :-)

I’m so glad your daughter enjoyed Mission Improbable. We’re still working to get my other books published, so watch this space!


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