Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable cover

Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable

Edwin Spencer thinks he's a grade A loser, but when a vortex to another world appears he might be able to save the day ... can he do it?

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Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic cover

Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic

'Edwin is back! But this time King Janus doesn't know a thing about it ...

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Edwin Spencer spirit world cover

Edwin Spencer Spirit World

Edwin and Perpetua are swept into a vortex once more to help find a missing Hysterian Relic, only this time they're met with a distinctly grisly greeting party...

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"patrick" Says:

i realy think your book is good so far

"Kallum Finch" Says:

awsome book could not put it down

"niamh" Says:

hi julie

i really like the book and today when you came we write about good things in a school and evil things in a school and did you draw the front cover because it looks really good.

from niamh !!!!!!reply!!!!!!!!

"Kallum Finch" Says:

Hi julie,
Read the book now let me think…
about 20 times and each time i read it gets better and better. Personally i think ur up there with ‘J.K ROWLING’
The book has humour and it is really entertaining.
From a great fan.

"julieirwin" Says:

Wow, Kallum – what a fantastic thing to say! Thank you so much … I’ll reply to your contact message via your email. Great to hear from you again!


"katie" Says:

i loved it when u came to are school
we had lots of fun and i LOVE your book
its amazin

"julieirwin" Says:

I’m glad you like the book. I didn’t draw the cover, but I did write everthing inside!

"jaynab" Says:

That is a graet book.I loved it so much.Buy the way the cover is amazing too. It is fantastic.How did you make your charecters name it must of bein hard.You have writen a fabulous book.

"jaynab" Says:

When are you going to Write another?

"jaynab" Says:

"julieirwin" Says:

Thanks Jaynab. What a lot of messages! I’ll reply to your contact message via my email. It’s great that you loved the book … the cover is good, isn’t it? I jumped up and down with excitement when I saw it!

"brooke" Says:

hi i go to school in rush green and i was wondering what it was like when you was there xxx brooke

"julieirwin" Says:

It was a lot different from how it is now, Brooke. We didn’t wear a uniform, and the school itself was an old wooden structure. We had a bigger playground, too! I’m going to reply to your contact message direct to your email right now! Thanks for getting in touch.


"julieirwin" Says:

I’ve written the second Edwin, Jaynab – it’ll be out next September hopefully. Julie

"tia100" Says:

I realy want to read your book i heard it soooo good please visit our school St Thomas More again.

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Tianna! I’m so glad you enjoyed my visit. If you read my book do make sure you let me know what you think! I hope I’ll come back to St Thomas More once my sequel comes out!

"carrmone" Says:

I have read half of the book and I really love it!! Thank you for coming to lord ship farm school.


"julieirwin" Says:

Hi! I’m so glad you liked Edwin. You must let me know what you think when you’ve finished. It was a pleasure coming to your school – it was such good fun and all the chidlren and teachers were just lovely. Do keep in touch, won’t you? Julie

"carrmone" Says:

hi j.d irwin i have only got a few pages more until i would of finshed, its getting really exciting.
by from carrmone


"julieirwin" Says:

Hey Carrmone! Great! I’m so glad you think it’s exciting. Let me know what you think when you get to the end!

Keep in touch!


"keir bradwell" Says:

I highy recommend your book for 7-9 yr old children. It is very funny and I really enjoyed reading it

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Keir. That’s great … I’m really glad you enjoyed my book. If you get the chance, could you let me know what you enjoyed the most? Keep in touch! Julie

"deborah" Says:

ijust love the books and you

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Deborah. Thanks for that … it’s really kind! I’ve said to Chantel, that I can’t send messages to the email address you gave me – could you send it to me again to make sure I have the right one? Julie

"brooke" Says:

hey i love the books and have not herd it yet buying one good luck to me xx

"charleigh" Says:

hi i enjoyed you comeing to my school thomas arnold primary school i love your book and it is amazing even my little sister kayleigh likes it and she is in year 1



"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Charleigh – it’s great to hear from you. I really enjoyed coming to Hunters Hall School – which year are you in? Maybe your little sister just likes the cover of my book – she’s a bit too young to read it!

Hopefully I’ll see you if and when I come back to sign some books!

"scott wilson" Says:

I THINK THE FRONT COVER IS REALLY COOL AND THE BLURB IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MY MUM IS JUST ABOUT TO BUY ME THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"julieirwin" Says:

Hey Brooke! Gerat to hear you’re getting the book – you must let me know what you think of it once you’ve finished! Julie xx

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Scott! Great to hear from you. I love my front cover too – the cover for the second book is just as good!

It’s great that you’ve bought the book – you’ll have to let me know what you think of it! Good to see you all today …. Julie

"anika" Says:

hi julie thank you for coming to farnham primary shool on the 9 of march.i enjoyed it i was sitting at the back i was in class 4p thank you for just coming to our shcool i really really enjoyed it

"Joel Gifford" Says:

Great book very intresting 19 chapters

"julieirwin" Says:

Hey Joel! What a great comment – short and sweet. Really pleased you’re enjoying the book! J

"julieirwin" Says:

Anika you are very welcome – I had a great time. Perhaps I’ll see you again soon? Julie

"Abdul" Says:

I met you today in school on the 20th of march 2011 and you read the book called edwin spencer and it was splended,fantastic,and wonderful my name is Abdul

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Abdul. I’m really glad you enjoyed my visit to St Stephens School – I had a great time … everyone was so friendly and the ideas for our game were brilliant!

If you get to read the book, do let me know what you think!


"sana" Says:

hi you came to gainsbrough primary to day and your book sounds amazing. i hope you come again and have a great halfterm holiday…

"Laura" Says:

Thank you for visiting Gainsborough Primary, I had a really great time!
I hope I will get the chance to read both of your books, the cover looks amazing I know the second one will be just as good.

From Laura

P.S. Have you finished reading our book that me and my friend wrote, Little Red Hoodie?

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Laura. I’m glad you like the look of the books – I can’t wait for Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic to come out. I read your book last night … I thought it was great! I’ve replied to your and Temitope by email. Julie xx

"julieirwin" Says:

Thanks Sana, I hope you have a good half term too. I hope you get to read the book. Thanks for messaging! Julie xx

"Atifa" Says:

I just started reading your book and my head would so carry on reading and i couldnt get my head out of it!

"julieirwin" Says:

Ha ha! That’s great Atifa – you’re obviously enjoying the book and that’s brilliant! You must let me know what you think when you’re finished.

Keep in touch! Julie

"zaid" Says:

hello julie

you came to our school remember
im the person woh asked that did you meet
sophie dahl.
i saw the of your new book and it is awesome

"julieirwin" Says:

Hello, yes I remember you!!

The cover is great, isn’t it. I was so pleased when I saw it for the first time. I’ve just had the manuscript back from my editor, and she said ‘it’s awesome’. Hooray!!!

"iqra" Says:

hi im iqra thanks for comming to gainsbough primary school i love your books i think you will be comming in next friday to take photos and lots more thank you soooo much for taking your time to read this letter…..

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Iqra.

I’m glad you enjoyed the visit – it was really good fun. Hopefully, if the teachers sent a letter home about books, I’ll be coming back to Gainsborough School quite soon. It’s really nice to hear from you and hope to see you soon. Julie

"jaynab" Says:

where would i find your new book whene it is out|?xxxxxxxxx i have read mission impossible 4 times now

"jaynab" Says:

when the book is out are you going to go to go to moulsham junior school again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Jaynab! I’ll get in touch with the school and ask if I can come back – it’ll be great to see you all again!

"julieirwin" Says:

You’ve read Mission Improbable four times? Ha! That’s great.

The new one – Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic – should be out in about a month. I can’t wait. You must let me know what you think of that, too!

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