Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable

About my first novel …

Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable coverHere’s the back cover blurb for Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable


Edwin Spencer has enough problems at school as it is without strange voices calling him into another dimension! But when he is sucked into the peculiar kingdom of Hysteria on a secret mission he feels very at home. This could be his chance at last to be a hero, even if he does have Perpetua Allbright the school swot as his sidekick.

Published by Catnip January 2010

So that’s the official version. But what else can I tell you? Well, without giving too much away …

  • In Hysteria Edwin has to wear tights. All the time.
  • He discovers there’s a lot more to magic than he thought.
  • And he gets to meet identical twins who look nothing like each other.

Comments on Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable

Jack O, aged 13, says ‘I really enjoyed the book – I couldn’t put it down!’

Elena R, aged 12, says: ‘Perfect if you like fantasy adventure, comedy and a touch of magic … a number one book for 8 to 14 year-olds!’

Henry W, aged 10, says: ‘I read Edwin Spencer Mission Improbable – it was FANTASTIC!’

Caitlin, aged 9, says: ‘I’m loving your book … it’s the best book I’ve ever read! It’s BRILLIANT!’

bookzone4boys: ‘Perfect for the 9-12 age group … it has everything a boy or girl could ask for in a book – action, adventure, comedy (it’s very funny) and plenty of scary moments … I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel’.

tBk Magazine: ‘Adventure, time-travel, parallel worlds and laugh out loud humour – what more could you want?’

Christian York, Writeaway: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book.’



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"nancy" Says:

hi i love your book y

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Nancy. That’s great to hear. Are you part way through or are you finished. As you’ll see the new Edwin comes out in September – I’m so excited.

I’ll reply to your email direct. Julie

"Abdul" Says:

hello blah blah blah blah blah blab blah blah blah blah blah

"Estelle" Says:


"julieirwin" Says:

Wow! That’s great Estelle – thank you very much! Did you have a character or a chapter that you liked the best? Julie x

"julieirwin" Says:

Hello Abdul. blah blah blah blah!

"grisha" Says:

this book was greeti love it

"julieirwin" Says:

Brilliant! I do so LOVE IT when someone likes my books, Grisha! Thanks for letting me know … keep in touch.

"Caneron" Says:

I am reading this book and already can’t put it down. I AM LOVING IT!!

"julieirwin" Says:

Hiya Cameron … your emails made me laugh. I’m not very good at typing either. :-) Great to hear you’re enjoying the book … have I met you at a school? Julie

"Joe h" Says:

hi your book look so good cant wate to read them when i get the dileved from amozon ps . sorry im rubish at spelling :)

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Joe! Don’t worry you want to read and that’s great. The spelling will get better the more you write! I’m really glad you’re going to read my books – you must let me know whaqt you think. I really enjoyed visiting South Green School on Thursday. Keep in touch :-)

"Karan" Says:

I like this book very much

"julieirwin" Says:

Great Karan …. thanks for letting me know!

"zayn" Says:

looks like a great book will love to read it!!!

"julieirwin" Says:

And I hope you get to! If you do make sure you let me know! :-)

"Y5" Says:

Hi Julie,

We (Comprehension Group)can’t wait to read your book, our teacher (Ms Ebden) has ordered it from Amazon. We are also very excited as Ms Ebden said you may be visiting us at Kings Park (Boscombe) later this year.

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi there! Great to hear from you all. I’ll put a blog post up for everyone to read! :-)

"Y5" Says:

Hi, it’s Y5 (King’s Park) again!
We are currently reading Mission Improbable and here are some comments.
Daniella: It’s really exciting!
Tayla: It encaptures your imagination.
Piper: It makes me want to read more.
Raquel: It makes us question what will happen next.
Molly: It is mysterious!
Grace: I like the adventure.
Leah: It hooks us in.
Charli: It make me feel like I’m in the story.
Stuti: It makes me imagine.
Bahar: There is a good beginning.
Chloe: Good description of the characters.
Oliver: It’s the most unique book I have ever read!
Marshall: It’s full of suspense.
Logan: I like how mysterious some of the characters (Lorius) are.
Aimee: It reminds me of Harry Potter.
Ruby: I relish listening to it!
Tia: I like Perpetua because she is a strong, female character.
Taban: I like Eifus and Dreifus because they are funny.
Tiago: I like Edwin’s bravery.

"julieirwin" Says:

Hahaha! Hello Year 5 King’s Park again. What an absolutely brilliant comment. One of the best ever!

Daniella – that’s great! I tried to make it as exciting as I could!
Tayla – thanks so much .. I love doing that with stories.
Piper – I hope you get to finish the whole thing!
Raquel – that’s the writer’s job … make the reader want to know more …
Molly – great! I love mystery stories … they’re the most interesting to read.
Grace – it’s got lots of that. Travelling to another world couldn’t be anything else!
Leah – that’s the best way to start a story …
Charli – brilliant! That makes me sure I’ve done a good job writing Edwin.
Stuti – that’s what a good book should do – you imagine yourself in Edwin’s place.
Bahar – thank you. Poor Edwin’s family are a bit of a fright, aren’t they?
Chloe – thanks! That’s one of the most important things of all!
Oliver – whoohoo! What a lovely thing to say!
Marshall – great – I love to keep the reader guessing. There’s a huge twist at the end …
Logan – Loruis is pretty creepy isn’t he. I loved writing him …
Aimee – wow! You’re not the first person to say that! Thanks!
Ruby – hearing a story read aloud is the best. Great use of words, there!
Tia – I love Perpetua. She’s such a know it all but she makes me laugh.
Taban – brilliant! I don’t think they will ever realise they’re not identical twins!
Tiago – me too. He’s the centre of the plot .. and he’s going to get a lot braver ..

Can’t wait to see you all next month! :-)

"charli" Says:

Hi Julie

I am loving the book mission Improbable and I cant wait to read all of the another books.

"Tiago(from KPA)" Says:

Hi,Mrs Ebden and J.D Erwin.
Me and my mum just placed an order for the second book-dark magic-
I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very THRILLED!
P.S I just wanted to say hi


"Tiago" Says:

Its Tiago from KPA
and i just ordered the second book (shadow magic) for the Easter holidays!

"mystery person" Says:

I just found out about Mercia, it is getting so exiting; I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it.

"julieirwin" Says:

Tiago! Hello! Were you from Risley Avenue Primary … the name rings a bell!

Haha! I’m so glad you were surprised. I won’t say what she did here, of course, because as you say we don’t want to spoil it for anyone else. You might have finished by now … let me know what you thought. Great to hear from you! :-)

"julieirwin" Says:

Ah … it’s another Tiago from another school. There was definitely another Tiago at Risley Avenue in London. What were the chances! Wow great that you’re going to read Edwin .. can’t wait to meet you at the end of the month! :-)

"julieirwin" Says:

Well, Tiago, you know what? Your emails make me very very very very very very very very thrilled! And hi! :-)

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Charlie! Thanks for getting in touch .. it’s great to hear from you. I am loving that you are loving my book. Any favourite bits? Apparently the books get better … so you ire in for a treat. Keep in touch :-)

"Y5 (comp group)" Says:

Hi Julie,

we are excited for your visit next week and we have some questions for you…
Charli: Who inspired you to become an author?
Bahar: How long did it take you to write ‘Mission Improbable’?
Tiago: Will there be a fourth book?
Oliwier: What genre is your favourite?
Taban: Are any of your characters based upon real people?
Aimee: Will there be a film?
Marshall: Who is your favourite character and why?

"julieirwin" Says:

Hello Year5!

Excellent questions :-) Do you want me to answer them now … or wait til I see you?

"Y5 (comp group)" Says:

We don’t mind! You can answer them now but I expect you’ll be asked them again 😉

"julieirwin" Says:

Haha! Right … as they’re such good questions I’d probably like to save them for Tuesday. We’ll have these ones first … the kids can ask me in person! Can’t wait!

"Julie Irwin - Children's Author - Phoenix FM" Says:

[…] Edwin Spencer book series sees the title character take a journey to another world and, possibly, become a hero […]

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