Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic

And now for my second novel ….

Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic coverThis is the blurb for Edwin Spencer Shadow Magic, which comes out in September 2011

‘I’ve got to hurtle through a tunnel of fire into another blimmin’ parallel. All because Auvlin doesn’t want to look like a loser?!’

When Edwin Spencer is summoned back through the vortex to help Prince Auvlin during a tournament, he’s more than a little suspicious. Once in Hysteria things aren’t as they seem. Why is Auvlin acting all weird? Who are those strange riders in the forest? And how come no one seems to recognise Perpetua, the most irritating sidekick that ever existed?

So, what can I tell you about the sequel? Well …

  • Once again Edwin meets the weirdest wizards in the universe
  • He tries to unravel the mystery of Hysteria’s ancient charms
  • And delves deep into the dark world of Shadow Magic


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"Cameron" Says:

great blurb

can’t wait to read it!

"julieirwin" Says:

Thanks … my editor thought that up. She actually thinks Shadow Magic is better than Mission Improbable, so you should enjoy it even more. Hmmmm…. I think I managed a reply within 20 minutes – was that soon enough?! :-) Julie

"hazir" Says:

love the book very intresting and has a lot of information and the relationship between Edwin and Peruta

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi there, Hazir. It’s great that you loved Shadow Magic! Edwin and Perpetua get along a bit better, don’t they … but they still argue! I’m writring Edwin 3 at the moment and am enjoying it! Keep in touch. Julie

"Hazir" Says:

This book is fantastic story line amazing could not put the book down, Love the characters destription. Edwin, Pretpal and many more

"julieirwin" Says:

Hi Hazir.

Wow! Thanks very much. I’m so glad you enjoyed Shadow Magic. It was a lot of fun to to write. Did you see the twist coming at the end? I’m writing the third Edwin now, so watch out around March or April of next year. Keep in touch! Julie

"Edwin Spencer Picado" Says:

Hi, my name is Edwin Spencer, I’m from to costa rica, I’m 24 year olds, recently I found this book, and is very funny to my because it´s my name(Edwin) with my last name (Spencer), I Like to talk with you.


"julieirwin" Says:

Hi there Edwin. How fantastic! I knew of course that there would be boys and men out there with the same name as Edwin, but you’re the first to let me know. If the books become as big as Harry Potter you may be in for some teasing!

It’s really nice to hear from you. Any other questions do fire away … keep in touch.


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