Mad Dad (not mine) (January 25, 2019)

So … still waiting for the King of Bling, but in the meantime I’ve added another manuscript to the queue. This one is called Mad Dad. It’s about a boy called Brad whose dad wants to be a parent governor at his school. The problem is, Brad’s dad is what some people might called mad. At the very least he’s very, very eccentric and goes around dressed up as a ham sandwich and thinking he might be Napoleon Bonaparte.

This is course is the last thing Brad wants his dad to do – he’d prefer him to lay low and not embarrass him. But parents don’t always do what their kids want, do they?

Now I’ve finished that – and my agent has sent it off to publishers – I’ve started on another book. I’m hoping that this year they all get picked up – like buses, you wait ages for one and then they all come along at once. Fingers crossed :-)





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