What have I been doing again?! (June 29, 2017)

It’s another six months since I’ve posted. So again I ask myself … what have I been doing?

The King of Bling is with lots of publishers and we’re waiting to hear if it’s going to be published. In the meantime ..

I’ve had great school visits, and a MARVELLOUS Easter holiday project with Southend Borough Council. My job was to

help some Southend children imagine magical spaces and places in our local area. It was such fun! Together we created

a ghost story set in Southend Central Museum … and we made it into a film! The final cut was shown last month at the Forum,

and it was brilliant! I do hope I get something like that again :-)

Oh, and I’ve been writing a new book … I’ve over halfway through … called Nincom-Poop’s Academy. It’s about kids at a

stage school in London, and their quest to get to pantomime auditions.

So, I’m going to get on with that. Hope to see some of you at school visits soon!







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