What have I been doing? (December 6, 2016)

I haven’t posted on here for ages … and there’s been good reason.

I climbed Mount Everest in world record time wearing only my son’s junior school PE kit. Actually, that’s not true.

I inherited the throne of Matabeleland and had to go over there for the coronation and got stuck in traffic behind an elephant. That’s not true, either.

I’ve actually been writing. I took a monumentally long time to write my latest manuscript, which is called The King of Bling. I finished the first draft and added some more jokes. Then I ..

Did the second draft and added more jokes.

Did the third draft and added more jokes.

Did the fourth draft and got rid of the rubbish stuff.

Did a fifth draft, added some more jokes and sent it to my agent.

She sent it back and said, ‘add more jokes.’

So I added some more jokes. There are 97 pages and 214 funny bits/jokes. This might be a world record.

So now I’m waiting for someone to say if they want to publish it. If not, I’m going to stop trying to be funny. So there.





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"Liam" Says:

That sounds really funny!!! can’t wait to read it!! :-)

"julieirwin" Says:

Hello Liam. I think it’s funny and so does my agent! She’s going to the London Book Fair with it in
a few weeks so hopefully a publisher will think it’s funny too.

Keep in touch … if I get a deal I’ll let you know :-)

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